Story, mission, and values.

João de Deus Ramos wished true fraternity and solidarity bonds were nurtured at school.

He advocated gentle discipline without rewards or punishment. This discipline, which he called «active», should be oriented as close to real civic, promoting well-being and happiness with others. He found stimulation necessary, but with the point of comparison of the child being themselves.

João de Deus Ramos thought more about education than instruction; nowadays, this is a common idea, but, in the beginning of the century, it was not.

Story, mission, and values.

Making each student self-aware and self-determined is the dream of this School, while respecting not only childhood but also every child and not putting development against learning. This way, it is vital that all children play, live, experiment, and learn during their development… by means of situations that call for what the child can already do by themselves, but mostly to what the child can do with the help of their educator/teacher and colleagues.

Our goals

Focused on education and teaching excellence, the School João de Deus – Belas positions itself as a partner in the formation of students who are highly qualified for the next cycles of their academic lives. The School further wants to continue being worth of your respect and preference nationwide. The School João de Deus wants to be inclusive, respecting differences and not disregarding children to achieve artificial uniformisation. The basic principles that represent general conducts must be observed and complied with by all (adults and children), because they constitute the foundations of the work of João de Deus.

Educational Project

General Goals

With the harmonious development of the child being the most important, it is our priority to emphasize certain aspects that promote the global development of our students via different activities. Goals, methodologies, strategies, and resources are identified once those priorities are set. A plan with multiple activities is outlined with the goal to create and maintain an educational atmosphere that helps children accomplish pedagogical goals.

Specific Goals

We want our School to be characterised by the use and development of our own method, guided by the great principles of solidarity, mutual help, conviviality, research, and continuous training. We follow the Pedagogical Methodology of João de Deus, via the Cartilha Maternal (Pre-School Handbook), by teaching mathematics, expressions, and active citizenship. As to English education, understanding and speaking English comes naturally during communication.

School Structure

António de Deus Ramos Ponces de Carvalho

President Association of Schools João de Deus

“Our School was pioneer and innovative in many aspects. We are proud of our past, which is the foundation of our values and traditions, and make use of it to take better care of the present while also envisioning the future.”

Sandra Ramalhinho

Director School João de Deus de Belas

“We want children to be happy, to feel good in school. We want them to develop key tools for a successful future while they play”

Rita Cristo

Pre-School Director

“Children’s happiness is particularly important. Happy children are more capable children!”

Renata Rodrigues

Lower Secondary director

“We are proud to follow our children’s growth and achievements on a daily basis. Happy and motivated students will always be successful in the future”

Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff

Our Facilities

Our rooms are fully equipped with innovative, didactic, and appealing materials adapted to every age that contribute to an educational environment that favours child development.